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Australia live news update: Albanese meets King and British PM ahead of Queen’s funeral; Australia won’t ban Russian tourists | Australia news

Australia won’t be banning Russian tourists: Marles

Marles also won’t be drawn into making calls for Russia to leave Crimea and restore Ukraine’s border to where it stood in 1991, saying only that the Ukrainian government must be “empowered” to determine its future “on its own terms”.

Marles is also asked about whether Australia will follow other countries and prevent Russian tourists from entering the country.

We have a range of sanctions in place and the focus of our sanctions is on the Russian government, those who are perpetrating what has happened in relation to Ukraine, not focused on the Russian people themselves, so this is not something we are considering at the moment, but we are very much a part of the global base of sanctions against the Russian regime.

Similar visa bands in Europe have been contentious with critics charging that their implementation binds the…


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