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App transforms Tuck Field into digital playground

HAMPTON — The action has been fast and furious on the soccer pitch at Tuck Field in recent weeks. Corner kicks and headers have given way to slightly more ambitious pursuits like stealing dinosaur eggs back from a blood-thirsty raptor, or thwarting an insatiable alien bent on swallowing everything in its path.

Goodbye Tuck Field, welcome Magical Park.

From left, campers Ali Larhrib and Morgan Remick participate in Magical Park, a new program that transforms Tuck Field into a digital playground.

In an effort to re-imagine recreational spaces and get kids off the couch and physically active outside through mobile gaming, Hampton Parks and Recreation is offering Magical Park, an app that turns town parks and other open spaces into digital playgrounds. Hampton Recreation Program Coordinator Beth Dupell says the app, which can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, is a perfect way to lure technology-loving kids off the couch and back to the park.


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