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Andrew Bogut lockdown rant, Instagram video, Covid-19 freedom protests

Australian basketball legend Andrew Bogut has posted an extraordinary rant about coronavirus lockdowns as he made a series of accusations about how the pandemic is being handled and why more people aren’t speaking up.

The former NBA star has been vocal on social media for a long time now criticising some of the restrictions being enforced on Australian citizens — particularly in Victoria — as health professionals and politicians try to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Bogut uploaded a fiery video on Instagram this weekend where he said he was speaking on behalf of the “working class” who have been disadvantaged by lockdowns that have put people’s jobs in danger, as officials try to balance protecting public health and restarting the economy.

Bogut said even though he is in a comfortable position financially and far luckier than most, he will continue to speak up for those…

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